Memories Museum|Event Review

On December 16th, the time-limited ‘pop-up’ Memories Museum opened by BSM2018 students on the 7th floor of the DeTao Building.

Before the opening, all team members worked together to set the scene and prepared tea and desserts for guests.

At 1pm, visitors arrived one after another. Following the epidemic prevention regulations, everyone filed through in an orderly manner.

The group of students who prepared the show really looked forward to the attendees’ arrival. And this winter has become warmer because of the attendees’ participation.

Participants carefully read the story attached to each exhibit, some of them even writing messages to the exhibition owner. Mutual communication like this can amplify the warmth and love of memories.

Here were some activities held in the museum:

Youth Story
There are some secrets that have no one to tell them.
But we are here to listen.
Whale Radio
With music,
We build a bridge among each other.
Rainbow Encounters
The future is hiding
In a colorful card
Have you got the answer you wanted?

Family Memories(from Dongmei):
The picture on the left was taken in 1990, and the picture on the right was taken in 2020. 30 years have witnessed the growth of a big family, the change of two generations, and struggle. The family moved from a small fishing village to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jinan, and Yantai. Relying on our own hands, we created a different growing environment for our children. Although separated in different places, our hearts are always together. We also care about the development and changes of our hometown.

Please see the video: