ISIB Compassion In Action

Conveying love alongside growth. In the afternoon of November 22, 2019, year 3 students of Brand Strategy and Management went to "Shanghai Baby Home" demonstrating ISIB's corporate social responsibility.

Had a special afternoon with these fallen angels, and donated 855.66 yuan to "Shanghai Baby Home", 2017 ISIB teachers and students raised voluntarily.

"Shanghai Baby Home" founded in May 2008 by several loving mothers, as welfare agencies in Shanghai and surrounding areas which also offers medical help to orphans. Cooperation with Aiyou Charity got the FAW-Volkswagen Audi title funding as Volkswagen invested some laboratories in Shanghai Children's Medical Center therefore "Shanghai Baby Home" was settled in this unique position. The growing "Shanghai baby home" is the harbor of hope for many orphaned and disabled children to regain a new life.

That afternoon at "Shanghai Baby Home" is full of love and distressed retrospect. Those innocent smiles often make us forget what diseases have these angels suffered. They are miracles snatched from death by loving mothers. They are the hope of "rebirth". Maybe we can do a little more when a face that is full of smiles appears in front of us. We simply hope the smile will last.