A Tour to 2019 Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo

On November 22nd 2019, led be Zhou Dongmei who is the teacher of Basic Design, year 1 students visited 2019 Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo. They witnessed an “international, marketization and professional” expo which broaden their horizon within only a few hours.

This expo has become an international event which gathered not only famous company like Tencent but also top 5 museums with various cultural and creative products as well as intangible heritages. In addition, a great number of world’s top temporary artists and oversea authoritative cultural representatives participated in event as well. The expo has fine art exhibits including fine workmanship, digital art, painting and photography etc are made up by more than 50 artists and galleries that are from over 20 countries, such as Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, and India etc. Exhibits.

Students are unwilling to leave such a meaningful and enjoyable event where they could totally appreciate the charm of culture. Watching intangible cultural heritage inheritors crocheting, embroidering, kneading noodles, paper-cutting, and carving gourds at present, and personally experienced screen printing, book binding, etc. This has become a wonderful experience for students before the end of 2019.