DeTao Holds International Education Exchange Seminar between Switzerland and China

(July 17, Shanghai) The DeTao–ISIB International Education Exchange Seminar between Switzerland and China was held at the Studio Baeriswyl, from July 14 toJuly 17.

Other participants in attendance with Professor Baeriswyl, included Professor Magali Dubosson Torbay from Hes-so University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, School of Business Administration – Freiburg; Professor Min Jie, course director of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art;and Professor Shang Yuhong and Professor Zhou Xiaodong from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics.

The seminar discussed a number of topics, including how best to strengthen cooperation between universities and enterprises, how to innovate teaching methods, and how to switch the learning focus from discipline and degrees to obtaining more practical skills transferrable to the real world. The professors engaged in open, candid and intensive discussions. DeTao–ISIB provided a half-day training for other course coordinators and faculty members who were planning to open their Advanced Class courses within this year to thoroughly explain the most effective teaching methods and their applications. Finally,the seminar ended with cordial and academic interaction among the participants.