“BRAND” new restaurant in Shanghai

Florin Baeriswyl is the creator of the first bachelor’s curriculum for Brand Strategy & Management in Shanghai at SIVA/De Tao Masters Academy. Mr. Baeriswyl’s objective for his students has always been to ensure in-depth academic knowledge, whilst also acquiring real case project experience: T&T- “Teach and Train” is the name of this concept.

Not long ago, a student approached the Professor and asked for help to build a brand for her Father’s restaurant. In accordance with the T&T-approach, Professor Baeriswyl and his team included and integrated the student into the brand building process and created an interactive procedure with the client (management, operations, and local architect) to define brand guidelines for a coherent new identity and corporate design/interior.

The brand DNA/root was based on Mr. Su Jie’s (student’s Father) long-term experience and expertise in serving fresh sea food dishes and underpinned the positioning of the new restaurant to “simply true quality”, which led to the term of “Lao Xing Xian”, meaning “evidence of fresh” in English.

Mr. Su Jie’ vision is ‘always ensuring best quality products’ and the associated Mission is ’prepared to perfection and served with grace and pride’. These values translate into a special and unique design atmosphere.

The design follows the brand principles of clear lines, plain and simple surfaces, thus with an emotional twist. Light and shadow with haptic sensations, allowing for a strong statement.

The brand and design team was led by Sky Liu, a seasoned member of Florin Baeriswyl’s team in Zurich and Shanghai. Sky very well understands to translate Master’s direction and guidance into a Chinese context yet integrating and demonstrating international flair – an important key to a successful brand of the future.

In line with Florin Baeriswyl’s design direction of ’same same but different’, every design shall be defined by its individual characteristics while reflecting the positioning.

Lao Xing Xian was opened on December 21st, 2018 Room 208, The vice-building of Zhong Yi Mansion, No. 580, West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai.

Tel: 021-5155 3927