“African fashion and music” brand communication workshop

ISIB arranges expert workshop with various themes every semester for the students majoring in brand strategy and management to enrich their extracurricular life and help them self-cultivated, broaden their horizon. This time, the workshop topic is regional cultures with an aim to assist students to understand different countries’ cultures and offer them some inspirations for their later brand design and building up.

On December 7th, 2018, ISIB invited Ms. Tina Walendy to present students with an excellent class in line with the topic of “African fashion and music communication”.

On the first day of the workshop, Prof. Baeriswyl, the pioneer in this field, introduced Tina Walendy and the relationship between Africa and China to us in recent years. His beautiful speech serves as a good start for this education program reflecting the China-Africa friendship.

Tina Walendy is an expert in brand communication field, who had studied and worked in German, Italy, Africa and other countries in the world for many years and now lives in Shanghai. She is dedicated to introducing two famous African brands - Christie Brown and Wizkid to China. Citing her own experience, Tina attracted students’ attention to the class. By playing African local music, showing videos about local customs, she succeeded in attracting students’ interests in Africa.

To provide a better understanding and a clear picture of the Africa, Tina specifically made a map of the African plates to let students collage them freely by themselves.

What’s more, to help students experience the beauty and fun of African culture, Tina invited an African dance instructor to show Africa dances to the students . With such an immersive experience, a teaching model which is to learn from meaningful entertainments comes true. For students, they indulged themselves in pleasant music, had a deep feeling of the enthusiastic and passionate African local culture.

Thanks to this African cultural course, students have a chance to experience and enjoy the charm of different cultures.

Editor:Jessica Hu