You are the only "China Green"

China Green
Even near the end of our Design and Brand History course, we BSM freshers are still accelerating the pace of our learning. That's why, under the impetus of our teacher Janlie, we invited Green, a design artist and founder of the "China Green" brand to meet us on 10th December. She shared with us the story of her brand and her art. Her inspiring words and careful explanations gave us students a deeper understanding of an independent brand’s development - from the thinking stage to reality.

Jewelry Designer Installation Artist
Founder of the China Green Brand
Former Hermes Group Brand Designer
Fine Drilling Quality Controller, IGI International Gemstone Institute

China Green 採绿
Established in 2016, China Green is a domestic designer brand. In her press materials, brand founder and designer Liu Weiyi Green says she wants to convey to the public the spirit of "I see the Green". She writes "I can discover the world that others can't find. I want to "collect" a completely different "Green" in my way, and guide you through our brand jewelry range. Please feel it and learn the world I see through looking at it. The Green here is not only a color but also a way of life and an attitude."

Many of her pictures were presented to us students, and we found them to be full of design sense. From unique jewelry items to character modelings, we could feel the glorious spirit of independent design from the work of 'Teacher Green'. She also introduced to us the content of the four main design series belonging to her. Firstly, she gave us a taste of her personal inspiration in theme design, a colorful and precious marbles game series, breaking the conventional design method of the "XiaChePi" series. Teacher Green explained the experience of this process to us - which included not only about her design activities, but also her creation instincts, her cooperation with marketing personnel and the adjustments necessary in order to maintain sales. From listening to her experience, each one of us learned a lot.

The next three parts were about private customization, commercial design and installation art. She told us the stories between private customization and customers, even the skills involved in adjusting materials. What was even more valuable to us was witnessing the Balance series (commercial design) and the Garden series (which was designed for ShangXia). Both of these showed us the combination of art and commerce. Finally, in the lecture section about installation art, she showed us her "Birdcage Array" created for the "Light and Shadow in China" theme, and her "Pink Peace", commissioned by "Light and Shadow in Shanghai” this year. All of these tasters made her audience eager to go and check out more.

At the end of the formal proceedings, Teacher Green communicated more freely with us. On the issue of inspiration, she said that inspiration is not a sudden moment but a process of accumulation; in her case it is the accumulation of things she sees and experiences. During less than three hours of her lecture, what we learned from Teacher Green is not only a brand story but also the power of communication. We learnt about the integration of technology, design and observation disciplines.

Can we add this to our list of essential brand learning experiences? Yes.

Thanks very much to Green. We sincerely hope that her brand - China Green - will continue to go from strength to strength.