The 1st ISIB Dissertation Defense ended successfully

2 May 2018, ISIB operated their first dissertation defense. The defense board member included Master Baeriswyl, President Yu Zhenwei, Teacher Shao Jiayu, Professor Tang Shengyi and Teacher Jamie.

Early in the morning, Master Baeriswyl hosted a meeting on the criteria of marking. “These are the 1st course students.” Master Baeriswyl said during the meeting. “Four years ago, we chose these students. At that time, we have no experiences. Therefore, if we find any problems during their defenses, the fault are not on them, but on me.” As a leader of professional branding, he always focus on the “truth, quality and consistency”. Students are encouraged by the speech of Master Baeriswyl.

9:00 am, the defense started. Students started their defenses according to sequences, showing the knowledge that they have learned during these four years.

Students are required to choose topics for their thesis according to their interests. For example, student Li Xiaoning was tracking the strategy of Burberry for two years and took it as the topic for the thesis, students Su Youzhen chose his internship company as his target, student Li Yurong chose Hotel Indigo as his target and student Wang Tingdong open him own business and apply his knowledge to practice.

From 9 am to 5 pm, in total 17 students of ISIB finished their defense. In sincerely, we wish them a better future.