On October 25th, the 5th ITALK was held at Detao Shanghai Center. Diana Chou, founder and chairman of Dragon General Aviation Group Limited, was invited to deliver a speech.

Ms. Chou has been selling jets in China's market since 1999. With the expansion of her business, she created the brand "L'VOYAGE - your private journey concierge" over the next few years, including commercial charter and private jet travel. 

As Ms. Chou cited in her speech, a brand which was thriving might not last. And a once-dead brand can revive.

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The increasing growth of L'VOYAGE is not only because of the rapid development of China's economy and the expanding market, but also something UNIQUE in the minds of the customers, which makes them feel they are in safe hands. 

In additition to the introduction of the three pillars of branding - truth, quality, and consistency - Ms. Chou expressed her own view on recent popular technologies such as big data and AI.

Prof. Baeriswyl also gave an opening remark at the 5th ITALK and expressed his sincere gratitude for Ms. Chou's contribution. 

At the end, three student representatives gave a speech respecctively about their experience and learning at ISIB.