Professor Florin Baeriswyl Speaks at 2017 SIVA Opening Ceremony

DeTao Brand Strategy and Design Master Prof. Florin Baeriswyl attended the 2017 School Opening Ceremony of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA), expressing his warmest congratulations to more than 1,000 newly-enrolled students.

The ceremony, held annually as a formal welcome for all freshmen, took place at SIVA's Central Theater on Sunday, 3 September. It was also attended by SIVA leaders, teaching faculty and the parents of students.

Prof. Florin Baeriswyl is now a leading professor of Brand Strategy and Management (BSM) of SIVAŸDeTao Advanced Class, a four-year undergraduate program jointly launched by DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA) and Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

During his speech, Prof. Baeriswyl highlighted the importance of undergraduate study, suggesting that students should learn how to study. This will propel them from teenagers into adulthood, helping them build foundational friendships and the know-how to live.

"Students should also master solid professional skills, improve all aspects of their own quality and lay a solid foundation for a better future", he said.