What Makes a Museum Loved and Supported - The Forth ITALK in PSA

The Power Station of Art received the forth ITALK on May 2, 2017. Led by Prof. Florin, all the students majoring in brand strategy and management of the Institute of Swiss International Branding (ISIB) participated in the event and visited a number of exhibitions in the museum after the ITALK speech.

Zhang Lili, education department director of the Power Station of Art(PSA), gave a lecture on "PSA brand building and audience development", introducing history and cultural connotations of the museum and integration of the industry. Ms. Zhang Lili explained that PSA focuses on brand specifications and unique brand positioning and persists on its own way throughout industry integration.

At the scene, three student representatives from 3 grades of ISIB share their own experiences and insights through ISIB learning. As expected, students have greatly improved throughout brand learning and professional practice.

In the questioning session, students actively communicate with the guests. When asked how PSA identify its own positioning, Ms. Zhang replied: "Our positioning is biased towards academic research, thus each pavilion showcases its uniqueness to attract more viewers.

Prof. Florin was pleased with the performance of students. He mentioned that: “It is the first time for ITALK presenting outside the school. With the help of ITALK, students are able to learn how to deliver a speech in public, sum up their own sentiments and gains and at the same time build a better understanding of the brand.