Detao Master has Successfully Hosted the Global Challenge Qualifier

On the afternoon of March 15th, 2017, the Global Challenge Qualifier in the China division was successfully held at the center building of the Detao Master. 7 teams of the total 55 participants were selected to join the final. 3 groups among the 7 chosen teams were invited to attend the second round competition in Shanghai sub-division, in which had ISIB year 3 student Zhang zhizheng.

The Global Challenge, organized by the Said Business School, is a contest concerning new thinking. It’s the first time that the Global Challenge invited Asian institutions to participate in. As the sole sponsor in the Asia division of the Global Challenge, Detao Master launched the first contest for ISIB students joining in this international competition.

The contestants were required to select a certain social or environmental problem to explore and investigate into all relevant backgrounds, elements and causes. All participants need to share problems in a comprehensible way.

Zhang Zhizheng, the year 3 student of ISIB, put forward the career planning for high school students in rural areas specific to the slump of rural students in universities and poor employment prospects of the status quo, aiming at increasing their opportunities in accessing to well-known universities. The research content and solutions were presented in English by his own.

"The prominent gain throughout this competition comes to comprehensively make use of the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt, which deepened my understanding and memory of them. The experience of participating in this competition will also benefit me in the future job related to leadership and management”, said Zhang zhizheng after the competition.