ISIB Degree Show 2016

Led by DeTao Brand and Strategy Master Florin Baeriswyl, students from SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class of Brand Strategy and Management (Institute of Swiss International Branding, ISIB) accomplished the redesign of NasAroma product series of Shanghai Yichuan Health Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Yichuan) and formally launched the new U-Clip product on 18 May 2016. The industrial and academic collaboration project is a classical example of SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class responding to market demands, whereby the teaching is based on an actual project and the results are directly launched on the market.

As the first project of the SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class of Brand Strategy and Management to be based on an actual product and its research and brand redesign, the brand redesign of U-Clip was carried out by a team of 18 Branding students from the 2014 class, who were actively supported by Yichuan. SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class of Brand Strategy and Management (ISIB) emphasises the combination of professional knowledge and actual experience in its teaching. Professor Baeriswyl has previously worked at different noted multinational corporations, including Nestlé, Swissair, Deutsche Bank, Red Bull and UBS.

The brand redesign project was truly a practical learning that created brand strategies and defined management tasks. Its objective was to redesign the NasAroma brand with students as the target consumer and create a product for the students from their perspective. Students completes their studies through the creation of a new brand; the research and development; the elaboration of product functions, materials and features; the definition and understanding of the demand of the target market; the communication of the brand and the product through different means; and the promotion of the product at Songjiang University Town in Shanghai.

The semester exhibition launched the latest name from the NasAroma product series of Yichuan "U-Clip" and the slogan "Everyone Nose It". The students will launch promotional campaign based on the new market orientation of U-Clips following the formal launch of the brand-new product story and packaging. The person-in-charge of DeTao Masters Academy explained it had been planned some of the profit generated from the business collaboration based on the U-Clip project would be awarded to students in the form of scholarships, while education innovation would be propelled from different aspects, including funding and resources.